• 22 February 2025
    Oacm.Group in Middle East host negotiations for 3rd World Aqua day
    World Aqua day is planets new environmental Olympic Games, race to save the planet
  • 22 February 2025
    One planet, one nation, one chance

    World Aqua Day aims to unite the entire planet to act as one nation and protect, preserve, and clean the oceans,...

  • 22 February 2025
    The beginning of the final solution

    We need to unite and start working together to find a solution that can change our lifestyles and attitude toward this...

World Aqua Day is a new modern concept, similar to the Olympic Games. Instead of athletes competing in sports, ordinary people and divers around the world become ocean guardians, performing big ocean, lake and river cleanup. Same way as the Olympic Games, World Aqua Day has its own official opening ceremony.


Our partners are our ocean allies. Together we have the strength, determination, and passion to make a global scale impact. World Aqua day unites mankind across the planet to give our oceans, lakes and rivers a thorough cleanup day above and beneath the ocean surface. Each year, one country will be the official host of World Aqua Day. Its opening ceremony will be led by the head of the state of the hosting country. The 2nd World Aqua Day was officially opened by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, who will now pass that honour to the next head of the state.

Extracted Marine Debris Weight in Numbers

The target of the 3rd World Aqua day in 2024 is to unite 190 nations around the world to simultaneously perform a cleanup under and above the ocean surface. Each nation will have multiple ocean, lake and river cleanups in different cities. This will be the world’s largest ocean plastic and marine debris extraction initiative performed by mankind. The cleanup will last 24 hours due to the different time zones around the world, all media broadcasting will be screened live in the hosting country at the official opening ceremony. This spectacular and innovative environmental visual event will be an emotional journey and historical moment for the mankind.

World Aqua Day
Participating nations
Diving centres
Participant divers


The World Aqua Day’s vision is to untie mankind to act and commit them to preserve, protect and initiate the world’s largest annual ocean, lake and river cleanup.



To create a global systematic environmental network between governments and the corporate sector to work in close collaboration with the UN and other world organisations on taking concrete measures and long-term sustainable programs for minimisation of the plastic print in oceans.



To officially organise World Aqua Day on annual basis with heads of state and promote OACM Group’s long-term sustainable systematic White Flag International CSMA (Certified SAFE Marine Areas) coastal cleaning and certification system already integrated globally.

WAD official ceremony with HSH Prince Albert of Monaco

World Aqua day host candidates 
  • 2024 host candidates:   Middle East - KSA, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain
  • 2025 host candidates:  North America - USA, Canada
  • 2026 host candidates:  EU - Spain, Italy, France, Germany 

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