The Opening Ceremony

Like the ancient Greeks hundred years ago sat down and started to talk about the Olympic Games, so are we sitting together and talking about World Aqua Day, the day when humankind comes together to protect the only thing this planet can't survive without, a powerful force, natural force that is keeping all the life on this planet alive - water.

The opening ceremony of the World Aqua Day plays an essential part of the project and recognition of the efforts that is being done by divers and people all around the world. Becoming a part of this project is not just a walk in the park or going out in nature to take some photos with some plastic in the hand, saying „We are supporting this action“. It's a hard, demanding, and dangerous work that can harm you. Once you dive below the surface to take out the heavy objects or to collect plastic and other non-degradable waste, it's a hard work that demands strength, courage, and determination. We chose to open World Aqua Day each year with a ceremony that represents the human effort to deal with this constant growing threat to humankind and to show appreciation for all the divers and people around the world that participate in this action.

The Opening Ceremony


World Aqua Day Opening Ceremony serves to recognize all the ordinary people, all the divers around the world, who work together on this special day to reduce the waste and stop the pollution of our oceans, lakes, and rivers. This ceremony makes a global statement. It is a symbol of hope and salvation for the Earth’s waters.


1st World Aqua Day

The 1st global World Aqua Day was organized in 2013 when 30 countries participated in the cleanup. This worldwide underwater cleanup was successfully performed by diving centers around the world and more than 150 tons of garbage and toxic waste was taken out from our oceans, lakes, and rivers just by divers hand. On this day the borders between countries disappeared and continents were brought together. It was a day when everybody was involved, from local fishermen to country leaders, presidents, kings, prime ministers and divers around the world.


2nd World Aqua Day

2nd World Aqua Day was opened by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco in Monaco, in front of 60 participating countries. Almost 300 tons of non-degradable waste was taken out by divers' hands on a single day. 2nd World Aqua Day was very important because it defined itself as the final solution for the ocean protection, preservation, and cleaning. Each year another country will host this opening ceremony and the ecological torch will be passed on from hand to hand by presidents, prime ministers or members of the royal families. World Aqua Day is the most supported and respected project of our times. In the next few years, it will develop beyond our vision and imagination.


3rd World Aqua Day

3rd World Aqua Day will be iconic and it will represent one last step before uniting the whole planet and humankind to act together. 105 countries will participate in this ocean, lakes, and rivers cleanup on the same day, at the same time. More than 500 cities, 800 diving centers around the world, more than 1 million people in total will be a part of creating this historic event. All of it will be seen by hundreds of millions of viewers around the world on mainstream media and their local and national tv stations. The biggest social network share is expected to this day and the support this event will have is expected to be iconic. Humankind working together for the salvation of the oceans. Politicians, movie stars, famous athletes, and other VIP members will, for the first time, help us to focus all of the attention to this one goal - ocean cleanup with concrete results. The number of tons of the waste pulled out from the oceans will be officially published two days after the event across the planet.

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