Synchronising the planet

A team of 80 highly trained communication experts will have an enormous challenge starting 12 months prior World Aqua day to synchronise 190 nations on the planet to prepare for the world’s largest ocean cleanup in history.190 nations will be divided between 80 World Aqua Day communication officers that will synchronise diving centres in each country, in each of the existing cities in a nation country. In every participating nation, OACM will officially inform the head of the state or royal family to officially open the ocean, lake and river cleanup in their country supporting their people, divers, children and all those who contribute to this historical event. All nations will start the cleanup at the moment when the official World Aqua Day’s protocol gets activated in the hosting nation by the official time keeper.

Official Opening Ceremony team and effects

The hosting nation will lead the official opening ceremony in a specially organised spectacle by experienced Olympic Committee’s member and organiser of the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway, current World Aqua Day CEO Mr. Gerhard Heiberg. The opening ceremony will be much different from the existing Olympic Games ceremony, WDA ceremony will be based on water effects and ocean motives but this remains confidential. The ceremony will involve hundreds of people and specially designed equipment.

Synchronising the planet

Expected WAD Timelines

World Aqua Day Opening Ceremony serves to recognize all the ordinary people, all the divers around the world, who work together on this special day to reduce the waste and stop the pollution of our oceans, lakes, and rivers. This ceremony makes a global statement. It is a symbol of hope and salvation for the Earth’s waters.


1st World Aqua Day

The 1st global World Aqua Day was organized in 2013 when 30 countries participated in the cleanup. This worldwide underwater cleanup was successfully performed by diving centers around the world and more than 150 tons of garbage and toxic waste was taken out from our oceans, lakes, and rivers just by divers hand. On this day the borders between countries disappeared and continents were brought together. It was a day when everybody was involved, from local fishermen to country leaders, presidents, kings, prime ministers and divers around the world.


2nd World Aqua Day

2nd World Aqua Day was opened by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco in Monaco, in front of 60 participating countries. Almost 300 tons of non-degradable waste was taken out by divers' hands on a single day. 2nd World Aqua Day was very important because it defined itself as the final solution for the ocean protection, preservation, and cleaning. Each year another country will host this opening ceremony and the ecological torch will be passed on from hand to hand by presidents, prime ministers or members of the royal families. World Aqua Day is the most supported and respected project of our times. In the next few years, it will develop beyond our vision and imagination.


Host Candidates: Middle East - KSA, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain

For its future development and global positioning, the 3rd World Aqua Day shall be defined as the world’s largest environmental preservation event. It will be the 1st one with a high-budget opening ceremony, which will define its future visual appearance and identity. Technically, it will be challenging due to the expected planetary participation of up to 190 nations and millions of people from all over the world. The OACM’s Directorate-General is in the current process of working to sell broadcasting rights and licences. Several OACM’s departments are undergoing technical, digital and broadcasting developments for this event to become a great example of modern and innovative media pioneership.


Host Candidates: North America - USA, Canada

World Aqua Day is in the process of locating corporate partnerships in the USA and Canada to have the venue place and organisational structure ready before 2024 in the Middle East.


Host Candidates: EU - Spain, Italy, France, Germany

OACM is preparing the official presentation by December 2023 for the EU Commission to support World Aqua Day to be hosted in the EU in 2026-

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